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When you make a cash donation, it will go towards the completion of the orphanage. You may make a one-time or a recurring donation. You can make a donation as a gift in someone's memory or honor. Financial donations are the most effective way to contribute to the Throne Room Orphanage and Educational Center. Currently, we are overwhelm with the amount of donation of goods, however it cost a great deal to ship the donated material. Material donations require storage space which takes away from funding that is needed to feed and house the children.  The TROEC would like to dedicate our financial funds to other efforts and priorities. Financial donations are the best way to contribute to the cause.


The Throne Room Orphanage & Educational Center (TROEC)needs individuals to assist in a permanent sponsor relationship. TROEC wants to transform the lives of these children and restore hope, to enable them to overcome proverty, disease and other suffering.